Saturday, November 29, 2014

Orc Quest: Episode 1: The Orcening

Tonight started our all-orc campaign, and it went exactly like I expected it to. "Off the rails" doesn't begin to describe it, but we didn't intend for it to be a serious adventure so all is well.

~Dramatis Personæ~

Justice Fist - A devout paladin of Gruumsh in the midst of a spiritual crisis. It is not enough to know that we Waaagh, but we must know why we Waaagh. Like the humie Socrates of ancient Greece, his questions quickly brought upon him the ire of his brother orcs, and soon he was cast out of the tribe for thinking too hard. Now he wanders the countryside in search of answers.

Cunnin Kidneyshanks - An unusually intelligent orc, what he lacks in physical ability he makes up for in brutal cunning and cunning brutality. Clad in his purplish burlap cloak, he followed Justice into exile - presumably because it would give him more opportunities to steal shit.

Raph - Big as an aurochs and about as intelligent, Raph is a one-orc wrecking ball. Growing up in the tribe, he quickly became fast friends with Cunnin and formed a kind of symbiosis. Where Raph's ridiculous strength would serve to protect his much scrawnier friend from much of the harshness of orc tribal politics, Cunnin's intelligence and guile kept others from taking advantage of his lumbering friend.

Taz Dingo - A mysterious orc with hypnotic hips, Dingo's power seems to lie in some form of pelvic sorcery. His reasons for joining the exiles are unknown to any but himself, but through the power of his peculiar tribal dance, Dingo has become the face of the party, power-sliding them through one sticky situation into another.

Boots: Cunnin's largely feral pet feline, Boots was found as a kitten and originally intended to be a light snack when it began to purr. Unable to bring himself to eat the fuzzy purring mass, Cunnin kept it for himself as a pet, where he learned to appreciate its own particular variety of brutal cunning. Boots can currently be found wherever Cunnin goes, usually napping in his haversack.
Together, they are The Green Team. 

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