Monday, October 20, 2014

Well What Do We Have Here? (Image Heavy)

It's no secret that I've been on an AD&D kick lately, so I had the urge to go dig out my old box of stuff. I mentioned in a previous post that I got started role-playing basically due to raw chance and a yard sale buy. I knew that there was a DMG in there, and a couple old copies of Dragon, but apparently that wasn't all.

Inside this old box of nonsense was an unassuming black three-ring binder completely full of card sleeves. And they are awesome.

Apparently, TSR put out a ton of these out as play-aids back in the early 90s. There are three basic types of cards: monsters, NPCs, and magic items. Awesome, evocative art on the front, all of the stats you need on the back. Fantastic. Speaking of art, let's just bask in that art for a minute.


I'll apologize for the glare or texture on some of the cards. Having been in those sleeves for the better part of twenty years, I didn't want to risk taking them out of the sleeves. With my luck, they will be stuck to the insides of them.

I don't know how my 12 year old self didn't completely lose his mind over these, because I'm absolutely tickled by them. I have a big love of play-aids at the able, and these are just wonderful.

I've got about 300 of these in total, it looks like. Whomever owned them before I did must have bought them in booster packs, as it seems TSR released 3 sets of 750 of them. Now I have an overwhelming need to track down and purchase them all, just to have them. 

Very cool.


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