Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aging Gracefully: Creating Veteran Characters in Chronica Feudalis

Like many games, Chronica Feudalis seems to take the default assumption that the starting characters are fresh-faced twenty-somethings with the whole world ahead of them. Sometimes though, you want someone who has a little more age and experience under their belt. The simplest way to do this within the framework of the rules is to simply give the character the Grizzled Veteran or Old and Wise aspects, and go with that. However, if you want a more crunchy option that will give that choice a little more umph, I present the following:
The Old Bear, by ReneAigner
Veteran Characters
Not every character's story starts at 25. Players who want to begin as a more advanced and experienced protagonist may opt to use one of the Aspect slots to do so. At character creation, you may take an age aspect in exchange for additional points to advance your skills.

A Middle Aged (d8) character gains 3 additional points to advance their skills with. These can be used to advance skills gained from their mentors, or other skills they may have picked up along the way. These points work the same way as mentor overlapping, advancing the die by one step. A d4 becomes a d6, d6 becomes a d8, and so on. This assumes a character in his late 30s, or early 40s.

An Elderly (d12) character gains 6 total points to advance their skills with. This is not cumulative with the Middle Aged character points. As above, these may be allocated as you please. An Elderly character is considered to be someone in his late 50s or beyond.

Characters who are races that age differently than humans should obviously adjust the age categories to match (an Elderly dwarf being in his hundreds). Also, bear in mind that while you could use this to get that maximum Brawl or Strike, your Elderly aspect may well be invoked against you.

The die from the above age aspects can never be reduced barring magical intervention, but may be increased as normal.

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