Friday, July 31, 2015

House Rule: Duel Wielding

I've never liked the idea that duel-wielding gives you twice as many attacks. Having two weapons doesn't make you attack twice as quickly, and having two attacks per round is by comparison such a good option that it's almost always better than having the +1AC or whatever that a shield would have given you.

My current compromise:
When using two weapons, roll your attack as normal. If you succeed, roll the damage of each weapon. Keep the highest.

This gives a slight bonus without being ridiculously better than a two-handed weapon or shield. I'd like to incentivize using smaller weapons with this - or at least, using something like "Sword and dagger" rather than "I'm duel-wielding longswords." I'd prefer to do it without having to resort to some kind of "one weapon has to be shorter than the other" kind of rule.


  1. A good way I've found is that Dual-wielding gives a bonus to defense, not to attack, since you would use the left-hand weapon to defend.
    Thus, a small shield gives +1 Defense, a large shield gives +2, and any weapon gives +1. Of course, this would make a weapon as good as a small shield, so, you can only use this if you have training on the left hand.
    The kicker is, you can use either weapon to attack if you are ambidextrous, this can give an advantage to Sword and dagger if the sword has reach 1 while the dagger has reach 0, if they try to grab you, they get a dagger on the stomach.

    1. That's an interesting way to go about it. I considered something similar at one point, but didn't know if I wanted to infringe on the shield's territory.