Sunday, January 18, 2015

Orc Quest: Episode 3 - Pack Leader

When we last left our heroes, they set off on the trail of adventure and revenge. Four orcs, one cat, and one human riding Hodor style on Raph's back in a makeshift harness.

The trail wound for some time, with smalltalk had in the interim. A debate sprang up between Cunnin and Justice about the proper territorial procedures of raiding another tribes raid, under what circumstances it could be permissible and what etiquette would be required. As most discussions go on the natural rights of Orc, this one was stopped short by a blood-curdling howl. In the distance, our heroes became aware of a half-dozen wolves, larger than those that normally prowl these areas. They began to draw closer, threatening to encircle.

This was when Taz Dingo volunteered, to the amusement of his comrades. "I've got this."

With that, he approached the largest of the wolves and decided he would attempt to challenge said animal for dominance.

It was at this time that Cunnin and Justice began placing bets on whether or not their comrade would be brutally torn to shreds, while shouting helpful advice such as "Stare him down! they love that."

As the wolf began snarling and circling, the bets were ammended to not whether Taz would be eaten, but how quickly.

A failed charisma check later, the wolf leaped into action. Cunnin loosed his crossbow at the beast's heart, sending his deadly bolt flying predictably some harmless distance into the woods. Raph readied himself to charge in, but Justice placed a restraining hand on his shoulder. "No. This is something Taz has to do for himself."

A wrestling roll later had Taz in the underdog position, and the bets were further amended as to whether or not Taz would instead become a member of the wolf-pack by marriage. Fortunately, before the subject of tribe-to-pack dowry arrangements could be broached, Taz gained the upper hand, ultimately pinning the alpha wolf and.. uh.. establishing his dominance.

Their tribe mate returned triumphant, with several wolves now in tow - the members of his pack. Unable to look him in the eye, half-hearted congratulations were issued. While no one could now remember exactly who bet what over the affair, Cunnin convinced both Raph and Justice that he had in fact won, and collected a dozen silver as his just due.

The now larger party traveled some distance before coming across signs of the orcs they sought. Cunnin scouted ahead, miraculously pulling off a stealth roll and making his way across the brush to observe their camp. Making his way back without incident, he shared his observations:

"Eight of them, maybe nine. Most drunk around their campfire."

Invoking the god of Brutal Cunning, he came up with a plan..

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